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Stretch Consciously

Stretching is what we do in yoga. The opportunity is to stay connected to your body and listen to what it says so you stretch consciously. Otherwise, you can bring harm to your body and feel defeated and unsuccessful. When you connect and honor your body where it is, stay engaged on the mat, and stretch consciously, your body will thank you. It will release stored up tension, offer strength, flexibility and agility that will allow you to grow progressively deeper and stronger in your practice.

Learn Deeply

Learning comes from both knowledge and experience. Knowledge is now available in abundance. Take a quick trip to your local library or a book store and you will see unlimited data in all topic categories. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just google on your laptop or smart phone on any topic and you may get overwhelmed by all that shows up on your screen.

Grow Openly

Growing openly allows me to share with others where I am and how I am in each given moment. This willingness to be open with my growth journey allows me to remain humble, with ego in check. As I’ve shared many times before, I am not a finished product. What I offer at any given moment is a reflection of what I’ve learned and experienced up to that point. Beyond that, there is much more room to grow. In sharing that, there is freedom for me, and for each of us, to be human. Grow openly allows us to enjoy our journey without the need for perfection.

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