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*SGHT (Sharing Gravity/Human Touch): Combining the principles of therapeutic touch and contact improvisation dance, this class offers a hands-on, weight sharing experience for relaxation & stress reduction.

**Triple Pleasure: A delectable combination of Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra created to fully complement and enhance any yang practice or exercise routine. Restorative Yoga first calms the body and mind by use of gentle poses supported by props, creating space

and bringing the body into a state of total receptivity. Next, Yin increases circulation and awareness by applying targeted pressure to the connective tissues - namely the ligaments, tendons and fascia - by holding select poses for extended periods of time. With the body fully stimulated, reward yourself for all your hard work with a relaxing guided meditation that is proven to heal the body and relax the mind in a nurturing, supportive Savasana.

Go w/ the Flow: A combination of Basics, Slow Flow and Guided Meditation. Get exactly what your body needs to prepare you for the rest of your week!


Mini Mala for Peace, Monday 7/11 @ 9am
Separate Children’s Zone for children to engage in mindful activities.
All level yogis welcomed! Participate in all or part.
No fee.

Live Tea w/ Phi, Saturday 7/16 @ 10am
For Children & Adults.
Ask questions, process emotions, share & heal.
No fee.


Contribution Classes

We are all Ambassadors of the Divine Light that shines within each of us, and we invite you to shine your light and support us as Louisiana’s only 501(c)(3) For Purpose AND only Full Open Contribution Yoga Studio! That means we want to support you in whatever way we can so you can touch your inner light and shine it forth to the world. We also want to bring yoga, meditation and other integrative healing practices to children, battered women/single moms, our veterans as well as our aging population to serve our underprivileged communities and bring some light where there may be difficulties and darkness. This is a community-wide effort, from the studio, from the teachers, and from our members.  



Basics Yoga Workshop

Sat Jul 23, 2016
1-4 pm

Core Flow Workshops!

Sat Jul 09, 2016
10am - Noon